Eclectic Web Design

Hello! My name is Autra. As a web programmer, I focus on advancing technology like HTML 5 and CSS 3 and its interaction with current web browsers. As a web designer, I love to see fun and unique ideas come to life.

Learn about what I do

A web designer & programmer.

I have 10 years experience in the web design and programming field and have adapted to this ever changing technology.
Here is a summary of what services I offer.

Website Redesign

Start from scratch using your current content.

New Website

New content and/or domain. Start from a template or new design.

Website Maintenence

Minor fixes, adding pages to existing design, etc.

A few websites I've done.

These are a mixture of designs from scratch, using a template, and modifying an existing template.
The Kilarc Foundation Screenshot

The Kilarc Foundation

A basic design based on a simple template.

Keep the Lemons Screenshot

Keep the Lemons

An event page that was modified from an existing template.

Contact me for a quote!

For an acurate quote, let me know which service you're interested in, how many pages you're considering, whether or not you have content written already and whether you'd like me to design a custom template or use an existing one.