About Me

My name is Autra. I was born and raised in Sacramento and despite my dreams and aspirations, will probably live here for quite a while longer. I enjoy all aspects of technology and as a result, am now a programmer of both the computer variety and of the web. Owning a smartphone combined with an attempt to be a social butterfly equals Facebook. Hence, the root of this event. I am also a writer and a budding macro photographer. The images on this website were taken by me. If you'd like to see more, look forward to a photo gallery coming soon!

How this came about...

I am an active participant of Facebook and enjoy some of those "images" that circle around. A "To Do List" image caught my interest and I decided to take its advice. We plan to create t-shirts with the word "Life" on them and hand out lemons to random passer-bys. I want this to be a very enjoyable event for everyone and hope that we will perk many interests and recruit them to join in the activity.