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About Me

My name is Autra. I've been at least waist deep in web design and programming for the past 10 years; up to my eyeballs for the past 3 years. My belief is web design should be focused on the user. Most everyone, the designer; the programmer; the user, enjoys "the shiny". This, however, should not blind the web designer from the purpose of the web site; it needs to be usable! There are also users that cannot or do not enjoy flashiness like the rest of us. What about them? A website must also be usable and accessible by these people without question. Here is where my focus lies. To make websites that are not only appealing to the eye, but to also allow those users who may not or cannot enjoy the same shiny features, the ability to use the website equally. Thereby reaching maximum exposure.

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About My Portfolio

This portfolio has a duel purpose. It's main purpose is to showcase my web design and programming skills; it's secondary purpose is to showcase my photography. I've been practicing micro photography on the side for about a year and a half and I aspire to continue improving upon this art.

The Web Design tab lists the web projects I'm involved in as well as scripts I've written.

To Do List

  • Improve Responsive Design to include mobile devices
  • Add Contact Page with imported Twitter Feed
  • Improve function of Photo Gallery Thumbnails
  • Incorporate dynamic photogallery with population from database
  • Add search feature on photos

About This Site

This website is a veture into HTML 5, CSS 3, and jQuery. I like that the three have come together to work closely with each other and am enjoying what it can do. Here are some of the features of the site:

  • The transition between images is using jQuery's .hide() and .fadeIn() added to the onclick event of each thumbnail's anchor tag.
  • The thumbnail slider is created by simply hiding and showing classes while using a counter to mark where the slider is. The width changes dynamically based on the thumbnail widths (since they vary).
  • print screen of thumbnail The thumbnails are rounded with CSS 3's new border-radius attribute with a box-shadow.
  • print screen of tabEach tab's hover event is created using an inset box-shadow and border-radius.
  • The gradient framing the content of the page is created using linear-gradient with each browser's prefix to ensure support across browsers.