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Keep the Lemons

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This was a one page last minute project to support a Facebook event.

The template was adapted from a free web template found on Free Website Templates. The background is made entirely of a 5px wide image, repeated along the x-axis. While this is a nice effect, after learning about CSS 3's new gradient attribute, this method will be used less often due to its difficulty in getting the heights exactly right and lack of ease if something changes.

The transparency at the bottom of the banner image is done by using the opacity attribute.

Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse Website

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This was a tight deadline project for a unit within a state department. Going into the project, the largest challenge was designing a user friendly design in half a day to help in design decision-making the next day and refining it based on feedback from the data and business teams.

The purpose of this website was to display healthcare workforce and education data in a user friendly manner based on business and design requirements. The reports are split into 4 sections (Fact Sheets, Supply, Demand, and Education reprots) which are listed within a common container on each page of the website for easy navigation.

Upon completion, the website was very well received among executive staff in the department as well as the user acceptance and pilot testers.


"Hot Potato" Party Game

You're probably wondering, "Why Hot Potato?" Well, this particular script came about when I searched and searched for the game Hot Potato that my family so loved to play at our family reunions during Christmas time. Alas, I came up empty handed unless I wanted to pay $30 plus shipping for a stuffed potato that played music in random intervals.

So, I thought I'd go the cheap, easy, fun, and creative route of writing a script to play music for random amounts of time (I stood away from the computer so no one thought I was cheating and stopping the music when I wanted). This script, once the play button is clicked, uses Math.floor and Math.random to create random numbers between 16 and 40 seconds and displays the random number in an alert while setting audio.pause() to the specified amount of seconds.

In case you're wondering, we used a gift box full of goodies as our "hot potato".

Tabbed Container

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    I am fond of tabbed boxes as they expand the amount of content you can place on a webpage without cluttering it. While, at the same time, drawing some attention to its content.

  • Change Type

    Change the type of tabbed container you're viewing:
    Recipe Box
    Side Tabs

  • Change Color

    Change the color of the tabbed container you're viewing:

  •

    The tab container, at all times, has 2 classes assigned to it, a style and a color scheme which are separated into different classes and toggled using jQuery's removeClass and addClass functions.