The Kilarc Foundation

An Independent Non-profit Organization
for Restoration and Support of Migrating Fish


The Kilarc Foundation was founded to address environmental goals: for the Kilarc project, the fish, and the community. The Davis Hydro principals have a long history of environmental activism in wind, solar, and hydropower.  They have set up this Foundation for channeling income from small hydro to helping all diadomous (migrating) fish.

We seek to understand how to be effective.  There is no arrogance, only a deepening understanding of the mess we all have made of these fish.  We solicit help and guidance on our activities. We profess no deep knowledge of how to correct our wrongs and sincerely ask for help. Environmental goals for Davis Hydro are inseparable from any other goal which include a suite of efforts in renewable energy.

Profits fund the research, species, and habitat improvement. The fish are victims of man's destruction of their environment and species. The Foundation hopes to address that burden.

Contact information

For general policy, please contact the director: Richard Ely

For community outreach, regulatory, and FERC issues:

Kelly Sackheim

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