The Kilarc Foundation

An Independent Non-profit Organization
for Restoration and Support of Migrating Fish


Grant Proposals

The Kilarc Foundation is funding research studies on epigenetics of adaptive inherited patterns of migrating behavior, eel passage technologies, and eel behavior. Within these and related subjects, we are inviting people to submit research proposals. The funding budget is currently limited to $15,000 per year, but more may be available with the addition of the Kilarc Project.

At present, the Foundation sees its role as a mixture of fundamental research, small fish/technology oriented projects applicable to specific hydropower sites, and providing seed money to attract larger research grants for significant work.

Guidelines for Grant Applications

The typical grant is rated on the probability of helping the fish and the amount of migrating fish resource that will be helped.


The Kilarc Foundation will fund research or intervention projects that focus on the well-being of migrating fish. The Foundation has a collaborative arrangement with Davis Hydro LLC and uses the facilities of Davis Hydro to do onsite research. This will be expanded to all hydro projects participating.

Current Policy

Under the management of the Board, the Kilarc Foundation issues awards for projects annually. These awards are expected to grow as the Foundation is able to extend its outreach.

Research Topics

Primary interests

We are most interested in how to increase the breadth and depth of the genetic and epigenetic diversity of anadromous and catadromous fish, especially in rivers and streams that are affected by hydro. A secondary interest is technologies to assist the preservation and expansion of migratory behavior.

Topics of no interest

We have less interest in salmon-specific studies except as they elucidate cross-species migratory behavior. Work on salmon is underway by larger agencies. Further, we have less interest in species wherein all members have the same migrating pattern, or are well understood. The difficult problem we wish to address is the induction and maintenance of migratory behaviors in fish, perhaps as they are encoded on the epigenome so that they can prosper in the world changed by man. Projects must benefit migrating fish that are, in some ways, impacted by hydropower – a relatively non-confining criterion.

Eligible Entities

Any public or private party or group worldwide is eligible.

Types of Awards

Cash grants are awarded by the Board, partially funded on project acceptance and dependent on progress thereafter.

How to apply

For the moment, as resources are limited, please email and send a 250 word summary of your idea. The application should identify species, and definition of the various alleles and epialleles to be addressed. Please identify how your work will benefit the resource directly or contribute to knowledge that will help us with the resource more generally. We will respond informing of our potential interest and send further instructions.