The Kilarc Foundation

An Independent Non-profit Organization
for Restoration and Support of Migrating Fish

The Structure of the Foundation

The Foundation is in a period of definition and transition in its determination to find an effective structure to manage projects to help the fish, their habitat, and support research on them. The science of understanding and hopefully enhancing heritable migration behaviors is changing. Funding sources are expanding and opportunities to physically help the fish are ever changing as man challenges their environment.

Likewise the forces destructive to the species are ever changing, indifference by man, exploitation, genetic manipulation, and importation and hatchery breeding of exotic genotypes has challenged California's and other indigenous fish.  For these reasons, the structure of this Foundation will be flexible in structure and action as it seeks out partners interested in the well being of diadromous fish.

Foundation By-Law Guidelines:

All donations to this Foundation will be used for the understanding and betterment for diadromous fish - those that have parts of their lifecycle in fresh and salt water. Species preference will be given to migrating fish that are directly or indirectly influenced by hydropower projects that are funding the Foundation. Subsequently funds might be used, subsequent actions taken or research being directed to support diadromous fish not affected by a particular hydropower project or associated company. Emphasis shall be on what is best for the fish population in general not those under the footprint of any one dam or project.

The Trustees

Trustees shall be familiar with fish and fish habitat support issues and will be responsible for the budget, appointment of a Board of Directors, and overall management of the Foundation. The Board and its assignees will control activities.   The Trustees will review and approve the Board’s recommendations on operations for funding. The Board is empowered to design, guide, or oversee various work projects.  Additional Trustees would be welcome -- People interested in the fish.

The Kilarc Board

The Foundation currently is forming a Board of Directors who oversee all actions and significant expenditure decisions. All significant decisions are approved by this Board. The Board is currently appointed by the Trustees with the advice and council of other Board members. It is expected that the Board membership in the future will take a greater role in appointing members to board membership.

The proposed Board membership includes:

We are seeking members and partners -- people knowledgeable in the fish

Local and Task Working Committees and Groups -- people interested in the fish.

If the Kilarc Project happens and work is enabled in and around this facility, there will be a Kilarc coordination group or committee. There will be a research committee. The ranchers and habitat restoration work will be overseen by a habitat committee with representatives from the ranching community. Ditch and canal work will be directed by a ditch group.